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Introduction of Ultrafine Fiber Clean Cloth

Release time:2022-12-04Times:

Superfine fiber clean cloth specifications are: KB-4009.KB-8023.KB-8009.KB-8025.KB-3009.KB-2009.KB-2002.KB-3002.KB-4009A
Superfine fiber clean cloth is made of ultra-fine and tough fibers woven into a super-organizational structure, soft and tough characteristics, not damage the work of low dust and low dust content of the advantages.
      Microfiber clean cloth because of its ultra-fine tough structure, compared to ordinary clean cloth has the following features and features:
1, Multi-shaving effect (multiple scrape effect): a thick single fiber, such as its ultra-fine can become hundreds of ultra-fine fibers, so as a clean cloth, the ultra-fine fibers can be wiped with a general More heavy scrape effect. In this case,
2, Wide-contacteffect: Because the general fiber is thicker, the bending rigidity is big, so the floating point of the fabric and the object contact area is small, on the contrary ultrafine fiber bending rigidity small and soft (imitation silk) And the contact area of ​​the object is large, wipe clean and strong. In this case,
3, Inner-trapeffect (internal peeling effect): by the ultra-fine fibers made of clean cloth, after blowing dirt, the dirt will follow the fiber capillary channel outward migration, was the effect of internal peeling, so dirt The surface of the cloth is not left wiped, so it will not cause scratch very highly sophisticated products. In this case,
4, long life, super absorbent capacity (imitation silk), the use will not cause surface wear. In this case,
5, less dust, less ion release, wipe effect than the average wipe more than 10 times higher. In this case,
6, the use of four-edge laser sealing, different from the general heat sealing edge, ultrasonic edge of the wipe, wipe the amount of fiber dust than the general heat sealing edge, ultrasonic edge cleaning cloth less.