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Suzhou Kang Bao Xin Cleanroom Technology Co.,LTD., located in Suzhou City High-tech Zone Fengqiao Industrial Park, headquartered in Hong Kong. Since 2003 set up to get involved in anti-static purification industry, the legislature rate integrity and pragmatic, quality service and efficient, well-known enterprises at home and abroad to win critical acclaim, with the establishment of long-term friendly and cooperative relations. With the continuous expansion of market demand, in Suzhou in 2010 to set up "Suzhou City Kangbao Xin clean Technology Co., Ltd.". The company through the integration of resources, with many years of clean Ca Shibu, Wu Chenzhi, dust-free clean supplies and anti-static product development and production and marketing experience, and with (class10-10000 level) clean clean workshop, focused on semiconductors , Liquid crystal display, microelectronics, bio-medicine and aerospace users to provide high-quality clean and anti-static products.
Service Mission: To provide the most satisfactory, the best quality products and services.
Business philosophy: integrity management, the pursuit of excellence, service-oriented.
Product positioning: focus on anti-static purification industry, quality and price to win.
Operating principles: in-depth industry, thorough product and constant innovation.
Human environment: work together to create a better future!