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Clean cloth, Wu Chenzhi, anti-static clothing, clean cloth manufacturers

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Clean cloth, clean paper, anti-static clothing, clean cloth manufacturers, special electronic materials, anti-static products, clean clean supplies, Kang Bao Xin dust-free company official website 0512-68184750
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Description: Kangbao Xin dust-free company is the first R & D and production of clean wipes and clean supplies of professional firms, research and development production of conductive wire clean cloth access to national patent number, and participate in the development of "anti-static clean cloth norms." Company's existing clean cloth types are: ultra-fine fiber clean cloth, sub-ultra-fine clean cloth, polyester fiber clean cloth and high-density clean cloth instead of imported clean cloth, clean paper, anti-static clothes, Dust shoes, sticky dust products. And agents of foreign brands of electronic materials for: flat panel optical display industry, semiconductor packaging, circuit boards, new energy and aviation bio-pharmaceutical industry.