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Reel clean cloth, reel clean cloth applications, reel dust-free specifications

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Reel clean cloth, reel clean cloth applications, reel clean specifications. LCM terminal cleaning end of the reel, the axis of roll cloth Details Use of the scroll-type clean cloth is used in the TFT-LCD automation project, attached to the products on the clean terminal The use of ultra-fine satin fabric to reduce the occurrence of Lint, and has excellent ability to eliminate pollution and no residual water. The company is the first development of the scroll-style clean cloth of the company, in terms of quality and price Has a great advantage.
Product Features:
⊙ 100% ultra-fine fibers woven by the high-density woven weaving machine, cloth masks with strong wear resistance.
⊙ perfect twill design, 16 open fiber technology, so that the fabric feel thick and soft, with a strong ability to remove dirt.
⊙ ultrasonic printing technology, in the wipe without worrying about the phenomenon of fiber debris. ⊙ washing, drying, goods seized, coiling, vacuum packaging are Class100 clean room operation
TFT-LCD and PCB SMT engineering commonly used cleaning supplies
In accordance with the standard ISO9001 quality system certification in the whole production process in strict compliance with high-quality management
Ultrasonic narrow edge cutting technology, do not have to worry about when cleaning off fiber debris phenomenon.
The Class 100 is packaged in a clean room
To prevent the occurrence of dust and technology without leaving residue
According to the requirements of customers to order different fabrics, length and width and cleanliness.
Weave: plain weave Twill knit Applicable level: class 10-100 Weight: 85-220 g / m2 Thickness: 180-280 um Material: Superfine fiber Water absorption: High water absorption Length: 10m-200m (according to customer requirements) Width: 10mm-50mm (according to customer requirements) Axial diameter: 25.5mm (according to customer requirements) Packaging: 1 roll / bag (according to customer requirements)